Friday, March 14, 2008

Winter Marketpalooza

Winter Market Reminder

Robin works very hard for your markets. She was out again, foraging away. Come see her handiwork at 3, yes 3 markets this weekend. Market details are a few posts down. Here's what she said about what's coming up:
What's new? Hmmm. I got some sweet and tender baby (micro) greens from Heritage Prairie Maket, a mix of red and yellow chard, radish, and something else. They consider it their "chef's blend"; also some radish micro-greens.

AquaRanch* will be attending the Lemont and Elgin markets, so if anyone wants to get up close and personal with the aquaponics man, Myles Harston, here's your chance.

The markets have very different times this week, as noted [below].

Each market will have plenty of tilapia, lettuce and kale, basil, mushrooms, pea shoots, cheese, and more, but with three markets this weekend, some items will be spread pretty thin (particularly fair trade olive oil and the above mentioned micro-greens); Epiphany (Ashland & Adams) is likely to be the odd-market-out and I won't be there (my sister will cover for me) but if someone wants something particular, or a particular kind of cheese, catch me (via email before I divvy it up tonight.

*Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like the secret fortress of some superhero?

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Bruce F said...

My comment is only slightly related to eating locally; actually it's more about producing and eating locally at the same time.

Last summer, my friends (Art and Heidi) and I grew heirloom vegetables on our respective rooftops in Chicago using homemade Earthboxes (tm).

And we love the results.

We're trying to show what's possible using cheap, readily available components and also to learn from anyone who wants to share what they know. We're amateurs compared to the Path To Freedom people, but love their approach. Check out this Distinguished Professor's site for some really creative, low cost ideas on how to grow plants in containers.

If you want to make these boxes yourself, check out my rooftop garden set.

[for some reason my tags never seem to close on blogger. Take it as proof that this comment was left by a human, not a robot.]