Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sneak Some Local In

3 Meals A Day

Breakfast - Try Milk and Honey granola with Traders Point Creamery yogurt.

Lunch - Pack some dried fruit from Seedling fruit of Michigan. Order online or pick some up at Pastoral.

Dinner - Pick up a nice piece of fish, local fish from the lakes around here. Home base for the nice piece of fish is Robert's. Now in the able hands of Artuo, he can hook you up with the best whitefish around.

Bonus Late Night Snack - You have no shortage of local candy to pig out on, but do you know La Maison du Bonbon, more like La sub-Maison du Bonbon. A tiny shack of a store attached to Shanahans on the Forest Park Strip (7353 Madison). For a very long time, they have been making French cremes, something a bit more substantial than a Three Musketeer bar but not quite as solid as chocolate itself. Now, don't let the allusion to Three Musketeer bars fool you. These may not be the finest of fine chocolates, but they really satisfy in a very old fashioned kinda way.

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