Sunday, March 09, 2008

Eat Local in the News

C'est Moi

I hope you all had a chance to read the piece I did for the Chicago Tribune this week. Thanks to Colin and Monica for the opportunity. I read great (better) with editors.

For the many people dropping by for the first time, sorry I could not put up something interesting today. My daughter was glued to the computer for a school project.

For those looking to learn more, check out some of the sites to your right, especially the Eat Local Challenge Blog, which I contribute.


valereee said...

THANK YOU. Thank you for not making a religion of it. (I do not understand these folks who think they have to give up salt and coffee in order to eat local.) Thank you for focussing on something besides the carbon footprint of a local eater. Thank you for letting people know that, no, it's not all butternut squash all the time in the midwest in winter. (One critic of local eating asked what Iowans would eat all winter since everyone knew Iowa only grows corn, soybeans, and pork.)

I've added you to my blogroll. Definitely worth reading.

PJ said...

I read the article. Thank you! Great to hear about your trials and tribulations.

I do have a question. Where do you secure your cow? I'm investigating buying local and was wondering what farm you use.

Kelly Mahoney said...

Read the story yesterday, congratulations, it was a great piece.

Jen said...

Great article. Hope you don't mind, I blogged about it. I blog as part of my job with University of Illinois Extension on nutrition, food shopping, and local food.

I will be stopping back more often to see how it is going.