Friday, July 28, 2006

Farmer's Market Buy of the Week

My weekly Oak Park Farmer's Market is nigh perfect: organic produce, some really cool cheese guys, Wisconsin wheat, visits from the Wettsteins, fresh donuts; but it is not totally perfect. A source for Wisconsin maple syrup and more grain options would make it that much easier to eat local. And I cannot partake further in this week's But of the Week.

Green Acres Farm, from North Judson Indiana is at the Wednesday Green City Market and the Saturday Evanston Market. I am not sure if they are at the Saturday Green City Market. I really wish they'd stop by Oak Park. They have some of the most interesting inventory at the market, including many varieties of radishes, peppers and edible weeds. They surely have the biggest collection of ethnic type produce. And prices, did I mention prices? This week's Buy of the Week is organic garlic for 50 cent a head.

Anyone know if garlic is freezable?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Good Potatoes Bring Out Good Poets
The Simple Truth

I'm not much of a poetry person. I never "got" Hammond's tamal poem (scroll down). Still, I was pretty impressed when, after I mentioned on that the best thing I ate recently was some of Farmer Vicki's red potatoes, I got a poem in the mail.

I bought a dollar and a half's worth of small red potatoes,
took them home, boiled them in their jackets
and ate them for dinner with a little butter and salt.
Then I walked through the dried fields
on the edge of town. In middle June the light
hung on in the dark furrows at my feet,
and in the mountain oaks overhead the birds
were gathering for the night, the jays and mockers
squawking back and forth, the finches still darting
into the dusty light. The woman who sold me
the potatoes was from Poland; she was someone
out of my childhood in a pink spangled sweater and sunglasses
praising the perfection of all her fruits and vegetables
at the road-side stand and urging me to taste
even the pale, raw sweet corn trucked all the way,
she swore, from New Jersey. "Eat, eat" she said,
"Even if you don't I'll say you did."
Some things

Finish here and thank Jason.