Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eat Local Meat

Arnold Farms Delivery's

Via, e-mail, Tom Arnold informs me that he will be making several delivery stops for his meats in the Chicago area on May 14 (Wednesday) and May 16 (Friday). If you are interested in ordering his meat, see his web site for more info.
May deliveries will be divided over two days: Wednesday, May 14th, and Friday, May 16th. The last two stops on Wednesday are at new times, and the Friday delivery is an all-new day and schedule. Let me know how these changes will affect you. The schedule is as follows:

*** WEST & SOUTH. Wednesday, May 14: Stops for this day would be Elgin, 8:15 am; Bartlett, 9:00am; North Aurora, 10:00; Downer’s Grove, 11:00; Villa Park, 12:00; Lockport, 2:00 pm.

*** CHICAGO & NORTH. Friday, May 16: Stops for this day would be Oak Park, 11:00 am; Downtown Chicago, 12:00; Northwest Chicago, 1:00 pm (location to be announced pending where majority of order come from); Park Ridge/Des Plaines, 2:30 (location to be announced); Arlington Heights, 3:30; Round Lake Beach, 5:00.

Sides of beef and pork are still available for May. As noted last newsletter, I need to book orders for sides and special cutting instructions at least one delivery in advance due to our processor, Lena Maid Meats, running close to capacity and increased demand for our meats. (Ex.: order a side of beef in May for July delivery. We may be able to be more flexible on sides picked up by you at Lena Maid.) However, we do have several animals unspoken for for May delivery but will need to know if you are interested ASAP and have your cutting instructions no later than Sunday, May 4th.

As his e-mail is not very specific on the locations, I suggest following up with him.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Local Green Fairy

Gaper's Block kindly informs that North Shore Distillery, the local, pot-stilling folks have now come up with an absinthe.

Eat Local Later

What's Up at Cassie's Green Grocer - Part 2

Cassie asked me to post this:
Organic Plant Sale Saturday May 3rd, 10am-6pm. Green Grocer Chicago, 1402 W. Grand Ave

Tomato Mountain is providing the Green Grocer Chicago with over 1,000 strong and healthy organic plants for our customers to grow their own delicious edibles (even if you have no garden space)!!!! We will have herbs, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, tomatillos, lettuces and more. Besides these green wonders, we are raffling off unique painted plant pots to benefit the patrons of Dignity Diner, our Tuesday night volunteer hot spot. Local artist and print-maker, Mat Daly with be at the store to autograph his customized Green Grocer poster.

Eat Local Now

What's Up at Cassie's Green Grocer - Part 1

Who wants to eat local. Who wants to eat local now! Cassie's got your goods. She forwarded to me a list of produce on hand, so who sez you have to wait until the farmer's markets open.
Here’s a few items that either we just got or will have probably by the end of the week!

Asparagus from Seedling Fruits in Michigan (this could still be another week or two)
Arugula and chives from City Farms (Division/Clybourn)

Baby lettuces, mustard greens, collards, radishes, chard from Windy City Harvest (28th and Western)

Lettuces, herbs, microgreens from Organic Illinois farms (all across the state)

“Teese”-vegan cheese made by local Chicago Soy Dairy (who uses Wisconsin soybeans when in season)