Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Pleasures of Participation

House Made Sausage at Freddy's in Cicero

I said to my wife as we were walking to our car after lunch at Freddy's--typical Freddy's lunch (and say it to yourself with your best Cicero accent): some mah-ska-choli, a pork cutlet sang-wich wit da jar-dun-yar and beef gravy, some steak pizz-E-ola, and some bread my friend to mop up. I said, we got the two best places to be VIPs at, Freddy's and Vie. I said this after telling her that the 1/2 pound chunk of house made soprasetta in my hand was marked n/c, no charge. Joe does that a lot when we stop by. There's always a bit of something on him.

So, when I kvell over the soprasetta, consider yourself fully disclosed. One of the joys of being a localvore in the Chicago area is our sah-sage. Who cares if our one fresh fruit for months on end is the apple, we have sausages. From the Vienna hot dog (my family especially likes the big ones, 2 to a lb) to each of the 100 or so Polish markets around town, just as many (more) Mexican places with their fresh made chorizo, fresh made Italian pork sausage, brats at Paulina and Ream's Elburn, to the Thai Grocery's sausage; Chicago is awash in great sausage. Yes, much of it is made from meat of non-local origin. It is still made here, and it is still good.

Right on top of that pack are some of the offerings at Freddy's. His soprasetta is wide, not too wide, about five inches across and covered with the most beautiful bloom. You never would know mold could be this gorgeous. The white contrasts so wonderfully with the fire-red of the spice induced meat. As is wont in sausages made in small quantities, there is a looseness in the bite that brings eating pleasure. It brings extra mouth feel and chew. Then, there is that spice. Joe's sopra will not make you run for the drinking fountain. It will leave gentle reminders with your endorphin receptors. Maybe you'll have to pay for your soprasetta at Freddy's. It's worth it.

1600 South 61st Avenue
Cicero, Illinois 60804
2 Blocks West of Austin Blvd. @ 16th Street (On the Corner)
Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 7 pm Closed on Sunday

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