Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Ice Age Recedes

Good for?

Winter is not all bad for a localvore. Nature's refrigerator provides much extra storage room. For instance, we can barely enter the bungalow from the back because of the six packs of beer nestled by the door, staying cool and staying out of the way of needed space in the fridge. We take fullest advantage of the weather in our attic. During the winter it gets cold enough there to keep our apples, or potatoes, our stored roots very happy. And Mother Nature is taking that away.

So, at dinner last night, we were talking about what's left in the attic. After baking potatoes on Tuesday night, our 50 lb bag of russets is reduced to the odd sized. We still have a fair amount of sweets (some to be reserved for my wife''s famous kugel come Passover); there's a good sized bag of reds and some heirlooms from our jaunt to Madison a while back. It's potatoes every day I announced.

Younger daughter, "cool".

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