Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Box
Spring CSA - First Week

The squash fuzzed white, the rhutabagas ran, local eating lay bare in the hungry months. Seasons change. Farmer Vicki grows. Green houses protect. Enable crops. We get:

Winter carrots - The only keeper crop left, four carrots the size of sex toys . Some went into yesterday's corned beef.

A head of lettuce that looks like a curly version of romaine

More lettuce in the form of mescalun mix

A kale looking like oak leaves. It took me two e-mails with Vicki to nail these down. Nibbled, they are mild enough to eat without cooking

A bag of sprouts I have no idea how to use

Brocolli raab, some with yellow flowers and some looking a lot more like arugula. I imagine they will go with pressure cooked beans

As you can see, it is enough to counter a lot of meals, but not exactly enough to make do for the entire week. So, I s'pose we'll eat out a couple of times.

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