Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If You Do Not Have a Pressure Cooker
Buy One!

For years, the way I fantasize about owning an XKE, my wife dreamed of pressure cooking. I really do not know the origin. Well, pressure cookers being cheaper than vintage Jaguars, she got her wish sooner. Only she never used it. By the time we moved the pressure cooker was in pieces, missing pieces. So, for another four or so years, she dreamed. I still have no E-type, but she got another shot at pressure cooking. Again, however, she hesitated. Hesitated a few years, but in the winter of 2006, she decided to cook under pressure.

Like a lot of things in life, the answer is, what took her so long. The thing is darn right magical. Take tonight's dinner. Corned beef: simmered in less than an hour. Cut up vegetables: done in four minutes. That's right, four minutes. It's like something outta the Jetsons. Granted, the hiss can make for a less than peaceful interlude into family dining; still, four minutes.

I cannot say she has fully exercised her baby. She's driven it over 100, but not got close to the red line. Beef stews, black beans with ham hock, lamb shoulder with white beans, amazing stuff. And soup, put a chicken, some vegetables and within an hour it is double density. Like I say, magic.

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