Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The first taste of Spring…
…With More to Come Today

When Farmer Vicki stopped by Oak Park a week or so ago, she gave me two bunches of her first crop, some radishes. With the kidz on spring break last week, we spent the week mostly in Wisconsin and away from those radishes. I got to them this week. First, chopped on buttered bread and then just whole as veg with lunch. These are Willy Wonka radishes. The first taste in the mouth is sweet, the other radish flavors develop within a few seconds, and then about 10 seconds after biting, a pepper pow rocks the mouth. Proof that the first tastes are worth the hungry months, and proof again, that one eats best when one eats local. An appetizer, our first Spring CSA box comes today. I hear there will be some carrots, some lettuces, some greens and some green onions. I will report back later.

Here’s what life on the farm is like this time of year, from Farmer Vicki:
We are behind in greenhouse transplanting and seed starting, but will be able to catch up soon if we work hard. This season can get goofy with so many things demanding attention. Start seeds, transplant to new flats, and then start some more seeds. Then the crops need to be harvested in the greenhouses and the field needs tending. Time to clean the field, spread compost, disk, lay plastic and begin planting out those spring crops - onions first.

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