Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Time-Life Food's of the World
Any Other Collectors?

Our bungalow overflows with books about food. My wife buys the cook books; I buy the books about food. Lately, I am especially keen on the Time Life Food's of the World Series. As Chowhound.com sez:
the semi-miraculous Time Life Foods of the World series -- legendary tomes penned by top reporters pampered with uncommon time, budget, and editing

Here's the complete set; I have starred those I own:
African Cooking
American Cooking
American Cooking : Creole and Acadian
American Cooking : The Eastern Heartland*
American Cooking : The Great West
American Cooking : The Melting Pot
American Cooking : New England
American Cooking : The Northwest
American Cooking : Southern Style
Cooking of the British Isles*
Cooking of the Caribbean Islands*
Cooking of China*
Classic French Cooking
Cooking of Provincial France*
Cooking of Germany
Cooking of India
Cooking of Italy*
Cooking of Japan*
Latin American Cooking*
Middle Eastern Cooking
Pacific-Southeast Asian Cooking
Quintet of Cuisines*
Russian Cooking
Cooking of Scandinavia*
Cooking of Spain and Portugal
Cooking of Vienna's Empire*
Wines and Spirits*

My problem from a collection standpoint, I have only one of the spiral recipe booklets, for Scandanavia. Also, I have the books in two formats, some with plain, solid harcovers, others with laminated photo covers.

Anyone else seek these out?

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