Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Why blog?

Blogging is so 2002 is it not? Why start now? Really, when such a good forum as Chowhound exists, especially its Chicago board, why break away?

Well, I guess the coolest reason, with Blogger/Haloscan, is because I can. I believe strongly in the moderation policies of Chowhound, and I think those moderation policies have, more often than not, been used wisely. Most of what is kept off of Chowhound, I think is rightly kept off. Still, there are things I want to do and say, that I cannot do on Chowhound.

1) I want to continue to foster and encourage our little Chow Community in Chicago. It is a community open and welcome to all, but it is a community that exists. I believe in the community more than I believe in the database.

2) I want to be a resource for the community and similar communities.

3) I want to be able to promote and publicize people and causes I know and believe. Nothing is being done for financial remuneration, but if I can help in some way, I will. For instance, notices for the Culinary Historians of Chicago, welcome. Announcements of cook books by Chicago writers, welcome.

4) I understand and appreciate Chowhound's commitment to be a forum for consumers. I am willing to be a bit more lenient. I welcome and seek the opinions of those "on the other side" of the food business. Yet, in the vein of Chowhound, I do not want hidden or anonymous attacks of one restraunteur to another. Also, no food illness stories.

I'll see what happens. If it does not work, I am sure you will see me back on Chowhound.

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