Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Fu Choy Follow-Up

Culinary Rainman, RST, added his usual depth and thoroughness to the Fu Choy dinner here and in the subsequent post. Another Chowhound of Chinese origin who has helped educate much to the secrets of the Chinese table, Limster, told me that "in Singapore we consider Fuzhou as distinct from Fujian; the dialect’s also different (I’m Fujian, or Hokkien as we say, and I can’t understand the Fuzhou dialect). Kinda similar to the distinction we make between Teochew (city in Canton) and Cantonese (the province) -- there’s also a complete language difference."

I have, obviously, in my eating, only glanced at the differences between Teochew (a/k/a Chiu Chow), Hakka, Hokkien, modern Hong Kong, etc. as well as the places further north and east such as Fuzhou (Fu Choy). I am both interested in finding more examples in Chicago and learning more generally about these versions of Chinese food.

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