Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Chicago Food Media [ed., you mean we have a food media?]

Why blog?

I think nearly everyone who posts on Chowhound bristles at one single rule, "keep things laser-focused on Chicago Chow". As I said (or alluded to) earlier, the interests of people who read, post and contribute to Chowhound on a frequent basis, often veer from the Chowhound mission. These posters need to talk about things that interest their chowing, but are not really in the interest of the Chow database. I am a firm believer that these discussions help the community and lead to more food finds and better collective eating.

Not here. All things of interest related to eating in Chicago are welcome. Specifically, I seek comments on the Chicago food media: the major reviewers, the weekly food sections, TV programs, Reader reviews. Give me your input as well as your gossip (which I will evaluate before publishing--rumors but no rumor mongering!).

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