Thursday, December 18, 2003


I got a the link up for Metromix. For all the shots at the Trib, I think that Metromix is a good site for chowhounds. First, you can get addresses and directions as needed. Second, there is some content, not altogether brisk, but some content outside the main paper. All those Cheap Eats reviews we love are there, but sadly the more interesting stuff like the World Eats or the 24 Hours of Chow story are missing. Sometimes Metromix can really be helpful.

Spoon Thai is one of the most beloved of Chowhound restaurants, yet how did it get so famous. It is one of several Thai restaurants in the same area. Well, of course RST scooped some things out, complete with notes on TP, but it was Zim, inspired from some reading in Metromix that got the ball rolling. The rest (and $27) is history. So, do poke around Metromix.

UPDATE:I'd be interested in hearing other stories on using sites such as Metromix for greater good.

UPDATE UPDATE (SPOON THAI): I would be horribly remiss in not mentioning the role the Ultimo, Gwiv, had in spreading the word on Spoon. This is his first post on the subject, but subsequent to his postings he hosted many a meal there amongst Chowhounds that gained this place fame and even a spot in the Trib.

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