Friday, December 19, 2003

Where Yat?
Keep in touch with the New Orleans food scene

I mentioned to someone yesterday that I partially picked Tulane Law School because of the food and bars. I have had several chances to return to New Orleans since those days, but obviously, I cannot go as often as I'd like. To partially make up for this, I get Tom Fitzmorris's daily e-newsletter on the New Orleans food scene. While Fitzmorris is a little lacking in his descriptions of "ethnic" food, his reporting of creole/cajun and similar places is spot on. No one can tell you better exactly how to eat well in New Orleans. Go here to subscribe.

Note, Fitzmorris is one of the leading proponents of the non-anonymous school of food journalism. Not only is he well recognized in New Orleans, he has had various business ventures with restraunteurs. I think this is a valid approach, and I will write on this more when I have time.

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