Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicago Area Farmer's Markets

Via my little friend, Stat, I know that there's several hits each day to this site on the phrase, "Chicago Area Farmer's Markets". Google brings them to a post from last year, with a link to last year's Chicago Tribune's listing of markets. So, as a public service to all those who find their way here looking for Chicago area farmer's markets; this is the best listing I know. It covers markets all over the Chicago area, not just city markets, and it also lists markets downstate.

I like all farmer's markets, but I can pick a favorite: the Saturday market at Oak Park, a true buyers market, with a full array of organic, local meat, and variety. I'm not immune to the charms of the Wednesday and Saturday Green City Market, especially for the chance to visit Green Acres Farms and Kinnikinnick, two farms not at Oak Park. On the other hand, Sunday's Logan Square market has some otherwise hard to find farmers, most using organic practices. Downtown shoppers can do no worse than Tuesday's Federal Plaza or Thursday's Daley Plaza; the Daley Plaza featuring my pal, Robin "Winter" and the not seen enough Illinois based Midwest Organic Farmer's Coop. Don't avoid the Hyde Park market if you live there. Mr. Ellis spends all winter cracking his black walnuts for you, and there's Indiana raised pastured pork.

I'm all for helping my friends like Jim the Vinegar guy and the market he organized this year at the Hines VA Hospital, but on the other hand, I am impressed with lecture series at the Eli's Cheesecake market. I'm all for helping emerging markets including my friend Loretta and her Maywood (twice a month) Saturday market as well as emerging markets I have no personal connection to like Englewood and Bronzeville. This Evanston market needs support and it serves the added purpose of being an evening market. That other market in Evanston, on Saturday's, I hear it's nice, it's the only place to sample the organic veg from Henry's Farm, but it's been years since I've been. 'nother one I hear is nice and I really need to get to, is the organically focused Geneva Thursday Green Market (What's with Thursdays!).

Gosh getting to them, look at the links, the directory. I bet you'll find a good market to shop, they're all over the place. Let me end, with the this little quote from the old Chicago area farmer's market post:
Buying locally grown food supports our independent farmers, preserves open land from development--and fresher food is better for you," said Veronica Resa, media relations specialist and community relations liaison for the Mayor's Office of Special Events.

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