Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Evanston's Ridgeville Farmer's Market

Save This Market!

All markets should have a blog this nice. The Ridgeville Farmer's Market in Evanston sez:
In creating a mid-week market, the Ridgeville Farmers’ Market hopes to make an environmentally sustainable lifestyle and connection to organic and locally-produced foods a realizable possibility for the community in south Evanston – as well as for Chicagoans from all over the city. Ridgeville Park is within walking distance from the South Blvd. stop on the Purple Line CTA, as well as the Main St. Metra station. The Recyclery of Evanston will be at the market on the last Wednesday of each month, offering free tune-ups and minor adjustments to those who travel via bicycle.

What's the word for me? Addict, junkie, deranged, enraptured, hobbyist, dilettante, ardourist, advocate, compulsive, zealot; In a ten day span I've been to eight farmer's markets. I like farmer's markets. Yet, I find them imperfect vehicles to support the locavore. Leaving aside the issue of selection, my biggest concern is the hours of the markets. Are markets really there when you need them? A lot of suburban markets are during the week but in the morning. On the other hand, many more markets are during the weekend, but this is the time when people tend to go out to eat. The Chicago area needs farmer's markets at various times.

The Ridgeville market is one, mid-week with late hours. I would love a market like this closer to me. Yet, my contention that markets like this are needed seems not to be holding. MHays on wrote nicely about the market last year. She took pictures to back her up. She comes back this year to report her good works have not been well received. The market is down to four vendors. Another LTH poster noted the market was a bit sad. The area PTO is trying to revive interest. We need markets like this.

I'll try to visit soon. In the meantime, give this market a whorl.

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Wally Hartshorn said...

I'm a bit behind in reading your blog (to say the least), but I just wanted to let you know that down here in Springfield, IL, there is now an evening farmers market.

The Illinois Products Farmers' Market is held in the Commodities Pavilion of the Illinois State Fairgrounds every Thursday from 4-7pm (except during the State Fair itself). The first week was very well attended, and the second week was if anything too successful, with lines of people at nearly every booth! We'll have to see whether the trend continues this week.

(Wonderful blog, by the way!)