Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sustainable Agriculture Entreneurship - Eli's Cheesecake Factory

During the summer, a farmer's market--not a big one, but one at least--occurs at the Eli's Cheesecake Factory on Thursdays. This year, they are also running a lecture series with some great speakers on local and sustainable. Last week, my wife and I stumbled on the chance to hear Lloyd Nichols explain how he got started. Hint: when the other kidz were playing ball, he was tending his garden.

This week (7/10/08) is Terra Brockman of the Land Connection. She will speak from 1-2 PM. Eli's is located at 6701 W. Forest Park Drive, Chicago, which is not too far from Harlem/Irving.

Upcoming lectures all from 1-2PM:

7/17/08 - Lynn Peemoeller, an urban foods planner

7/24/08 - Stan Schutte, of the organic Triple S Farm

7/31/08 - John Caveny, raiser of heritage poultry (as well as lamb and beef)

8/7/08 - Donna and Natasha Lehrer, founders of Illinois Green Pastures Fiber Co-op.

Eli's has a stand selling lunches with market produce. Last week they made paella.

As I wrote this, I found out that we're having a bit of car problems. I still hope to be there tomorrow, but even if I cannot make it, you should go.

The factory itself has great deals on imperfect cheesecakes as well as samples galore. That alone is practically worth the visit.

Is it really true that our President said the problem with the French is that they have no word for entrepreneurship?

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