Friday, May 23, 2008

What's Local at Cassie's Green Grocer

Back From the Honeymoon and Better Than Ever

It was about when Cassie was done ringing me up that I mentioned that I had come in just for some herbs. Cassie replied by snipping me some parsley and cilantro from the plants growing in her window. I would have still blogged 'bout Green Grocer. I mean the herbs came after she told me to help myself to a few edible flowers that were surprisingly not selling that fast but before she also filled a (compostable!) bag with a sample of baby mustard greens. I would have blogged. What a great place Cassie has going.

I mean can you walk into any other store in, and or near Chicago these days and find bunches of wild ramps, giant stuffer morels, deep green watercress? All local. Or French breakfast radishes, the size of D batteries, 1/2 red, 1/2 white; asparagus successfully kept fresh through vertical enclosure in a water bath? Local. Now, I skipped all of that but for the radishes. I did get strands of sage and chive, both with their flowers; a tub of rosemary (quite generous for the price) and baby arugula that bites like its teething. I at least admired the other salad greens.

I did not take a full inventory of all the cool products there yesterday, but I espied plenty of cool. Cool included local eggs, Trader's Point Creamery cottage cheese, and local/artisianal tempeh from Mu Tofu.

See, Cassie's local includes much that is not at Green City Market or any other farmer's market. Yet, even if you are a farmer's market junkie like me, you have to welcome and appreciate a shop like this. I really want local to be there when I need it. I really want to be able to supplement with a thing or two that I need now. Green Grocer is servicing these needs. Go visit.

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