Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Farmer's Market News

Assorted tidbits of note:

  • The hardest woman in forage, the sidekick to the superheros who hang at the AquaRanch, the person who was one of the few things between me and a diet relying mostly on potatoes this winter, Robin "Winter" herself, is running a stand this market season for the Midwest Organic Farmers Co-op. She'll have frozen (Illinois) farm-raised tilapia and cheeses and vegetables grown in this state. See her Thursday's at the Daley Plaza Farmer's Market. What she has leftover she'll be selling at the new Woodlawn market. Tell her I said to stop by and say hi.

  • Also at Woodlawn are my latest heroes, the farmers from Windy City Harvest. The best advertisement for their work on the West side of Chicago is the fruits of their work. I mean the vegetables of their work. Picture-perfect, tastes even better.

  • It's Farmtastic. That's the clever tag for the new multi-cultural farmer's market running this year in Maywood on the first and third Saturdays from June through October at St. Eulalia Church 1851 S. 9th Avenue, Maywood. They have a nifty color flyer that I'll post as soon as I get a computer ready version.

  • Jim Vitalo, who many farmer's market denizens know as the "Vinegar Guy", is spearheading a new market this season, on Thursdays. The market will be at the Maywood VA Hospital. I'll have more news on this market soon.


sdritz said...

I'm curious as to how I would get my tilapia home, since I would have to buy it on my lunch hour. Will I be shunned on the train for bringing fish aboard?

VI said...

Suzy, I always wonder how people can get their farmer's markets purchases home, fish or not. The fish will be frozen. Does that help?