Monday, May 19, 2008

Eat Good Bread

Bennison's at Pastoral

I asked a food savvy friend recently where you could get good bread downtown. His response:
"Where can you get good bread anywhere in Chicago?"
I'm not fully in agreement on that. There is a list, not a long list, but a list of good bread in Chicago. At or near the top of that list is Bennison's. Anyone in the Loop should know that Pastoral, 53 E. Lake, sells Bennison's bread. Become French, take home a baguette tonight.

Pastoral carries a pretty good selection of local cheeses. Today they had a wide array of Brenda Jensen's Hidden Springs Creamery products, both the aged cheeses and the fresh tubs. They are also now carrying Trader's Point Creamery yogurts, but not the one my wife craves/needs, the low-fat vanilla.

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mmorowitz said...

Too bad you weren't downtown today. There are three different bakers at the Federal Plaza Farmer's Market.