Monday, May 19, 2008

Latest in Iron Chef News

Fine Take on Vie

Want some Iron Chef news. Cora beat Faulkner last night. See, in anticipation of my culinary hero being on Iron Chef, I watched Iron Chef America last night (that and the fact that there was nothing on the DVR or the TV that my wife and I could agree on, why she was not interested in an old Minnesota Fats video I recorded beats the heck outta me...). I'll say this, most of the food they made looked awfully good.

Anyways, in other Vie news, Gary Fine, takes his excellent keyboard to Vie this week. He brings up the noise factor and it's a legit point for sure. My wife and I have commented to ourselves that Virant and his family did a wonderful job at Vie making the place appear posh without throwing a huge amount of $$ into the design/decor. We always thought of it as money well spent as his resources have been used otherwise quite well.

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