Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Local As We Wanna Be

Make Pizza!

There are certain staples of the localvore's kitchen. Dishes to use the odds and ends of a CSA box or this week's special buy. Eggs are a standby, a lot of things around can be folded in. Pasta serves the same purpose. Add pizza to the list. We had fresh mozzarella picked up at Zingerman's a few days earlier. It needed a showcase. Pizza!

My wife used a Mark Bittman crust recipe, not too complicated and not needing an extended rise time. As I say, it was all about the Zingy mozz, some of the best I've ever tried. Just mozzarella would be a little plain. The first pizza was garnished with the not-so-local Condiment Queen tapenade; the second pizza had the more appropriate base of pesto from local basil, local garlic and imported pecorino.

We are already planing our next foray to Michigan.

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