Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter Market Details

So Much to Blog

Zingermans, Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, 5 courses of beef at Hai Yen, Wife's award, Mom's bagels, America's Farmer's Market, etc., etc., etc. Might as well go with the most current. Robin Winter nicely provided me the names of the farmers/vendors at the forthcoming winter markets. She does warn that some farmers might not be there in person, but her and her team are working hard to have the goods there regardless.

I've put my comments on the vendors in italics.
Scotch Hill Farm*, Brodhead, WI (goats' milk soap and CSA subscriptions) - Regulars at the Oak Park Market, quality produce, I always find myself buying something from them.

Ted's Organic Grains, DeKalb, IL (a variety of milled flours, meals, and grains) - Don't know, but we are always, always looking for sources of local grains.

Natural Beauty by Margie, Chicago, IL (natural beauty products) - not really what I need

Herbally Yours, Willow Springs, IL (infused vinegars and dried herbs) - Jim's a great guy; I wish he still could sell his mustards and horseradishes.

Arnold Farm, Elizabeth, IL (pastured poultry and grass-fed beef and pork) - Don't know this particular farm. Personally, the VI family is fine on meat, but we adore all local sources of meat.

AquaRanch, Flanagan, IL (natural farm-raised tilapia and organic lettuce, kale, and herbs) [these are grown aquaponically, which is aquaculture + hydroponics, an amazing process in which the fish provide the nitrogren source for the produce, so it doesn't need to be added chemically] - I'd get some fish if I did not have plans on Saturday. I'd rather lettuce, kale, etc., grown in the ground, in hoop houses, then hydroponically. While hydro looks great (really great), I find it tends to the bland side. Still, I'd much (much) rather have local hydroponic than Cali. I'll buy a lot.

Mount Hope School Farm, Mount Hope, IL (popcorn)- We still have locally grown popcorn from our foray to Indiana this summer.

Seedling Fruit, South Haven, MI (apple and pear butters) - Higher quality Michigan fruit, preserved. We have at least some of their stuff stocked away; on the other hand, we have so much jellies, we have a moratorium on this kinda stuff.

River Valley Ranch, Burlington, WI (fresh mushrooms, several varieties) - We've been happy customers of their stands at Green City and Madison. Looking forward to buying.

Sugar River Dairy, Monticello, WI (yogurt in several flavors)- Don't know, sounds cool.

Edelweiss Creamery, Monticello, WI (cheddar and gouda)- Don't know, sounds cool.

Ropp Jersey Cheese, Normal, IL (a variety of Jersey cheeses)- Don't know, sounds cool (especially).

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Teri said...

You'll have to try Ropp Dairy next time you're at the Market. They are really nice people and run a great farm. I take my kids out there all the time to learn a little more about where their food comes from. Here's the Ropp site - http://www.roppcheese.com/

Great blog! You're making me wish for warmer days.