Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Half a Cow Looks Like

It was a trip that began like so many trips of ours, with a delay, a detour, as now brace-less daughter once again forgot a permission slip. From Hatch Elementary School, our trip also proceeded as many of our trips proceed. Slowly. The long way. Faced with highway congestion and side streets, why be stuck where it's boring. At least stuck south on Cicero, with camera, I could find things like this.

Actually, for all its traffic lights, Cicero, through Oak Lawn, Alsip, Crestwood, etc. is a chowhound's delight. Wife and I were filled with, we gotta go there, we gotta go there, places. First, soon, definitely, has to be House of Hughes, a classic suburban roadhouse (in the nicer division, from the outside at least, it reminded me wholly of Melrose Park's lamented Homestead, yet oddly enough, in 2000 the Reader noted its BBQ). And surely, as we turned East on Lincoln Highway, there were some old time Italian places in the Heights to explore. We soldered on as it was between breakfast and lunch. Soon into Indiana. At US 41, stood the House of Hughes looking Teibels (scroll down), a place that has been on my short-list for eons. Still not quite lunch time. Suburbia changed like/that, to Indiana countryside. Just as we got darn hungry and in need of facilities, dining options became less. Of course, my wife, who happened to be driving, needed know assent to pull into this place.

It provided about what we expected in a countryside lunch, although we always wish for better.

Our method, about 180 minutes after leaving Oak Park, Illinois, we pulled off of Main Street, Brook, Indiana, into the parking lot of the Brook Locker.We waited as two families loaded their cars (one car, one pick-up truck). They roll out your meat in the mesh trays, and you put it into large clear plastic bags. It easily fit into the way-back of the Volvo. We took the highway home (yet stopping at the Fair Oaks Dairy for cheese, duh), contemplating what we would do with so much ground beef.

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