Monday, May 14, 2007


In which I add to other posts.

The Reader's Farmer's Market Calender
My additions:
- May - Morels
- July - Cherries, sweet and tart, apricots, sweet onions
- August - Peaches, nectarines, dry onions
- September - Grapes, plums, root vegetables, various wild 'shrooms
- October - Asian pears (papples), black walnuts, pumpkins

Time Out Chicago's Featured Farmers
My additions:
Genesis Growers - Obviously, I'm gonna name my friend Farmer Vicki (and name her first). Vicki grows a bunch of vegetables and a few fruit organically, yet because she is not certified, her prices are much less than others. Her vegetables exude intensity, borne out by the deep Illinois prairie soil and hot summer sun. Especially special are her hot peppers, her lettuces and her melons. Vicki is one of the few farmers around here to grow sweet potatoes. You can find her Wednesdays at Green City Market and Saturdays at Kankakee and Oak Park.

Green Acres Farms - Rivals Nichols on variety and is the strongest in the area, by far on Asian vegetables. Many types of potatoes, radishes, eggplants, onions. Green City and Evanston.

Hardin Farms - Oak Park's finest purveyor of stone fruit, especially the short season of apricots.

Oriana's Oriental Orchard - The Papple Lady. Asian pears and black walnuts. Green City Market.

LTHForum Forest Park French Market Report
This is more of an addition to my post from last week. Ann Fisher adds to the database of this market.

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