Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Martha Bayne Ruined My Week

So, it WAS a good week

Until I read this on the Chicago Reader's food blog. Gosh, I love Washington Island (although sadly, and predictably, I never got around to posting on our meals at the Washington Island Hotel).

Martha's post hits all of my "things". Love Madison, love Washington Island Coffee Shop. Love the Madison neighborhood where its located--although I have twin bad experiences around there. First, my kids decided to partake in the small beach even though they were not wearing swim suits. Second, one daughter, who will go nameless, cough-no more more brace-cough dropped our car keys (about) in the sewer, it was not so much the sewer per se but finding them in the first place...Yet, I still love the place. Love the wheat grown on Washington Island. Love the bread baked from the wheat, love the beer made from the wheat, and certainly look forward to drinking the vodka made from the island wheat.

I hate Martha Bayne of the Chicago Reader.

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