Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cheesemakers of Wisconsin

SLBunge at provides a nice list of Wisconsin cheesemakers for touring purposes:
If you come the northern route, there are a number of interesting cheesemakers in Wisconsin.

Within about a 45 miles radius of Madison you've got the following cheesemakers that I can vouch for having very good product:

Fantome Farm (Ridgeway) for goat cheeses
Uplands Cheese Company (Dodgeville) for Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Bleu Mont Dairy (Blue Mounds) for cave-aged Swiss styles and artisinal versions of New World styles of cheese.
Hook's Cheese Company (Mineral Point) for very good aged cheddars and decent blues.
Chalet Cheese Coop (Monroe) is notable for being the last US producer of fresh Limburger.

If you get to all of these places is that you will be driving through some of the upper-Midwest's prettiest countryside with lush, rolling hills and great twisted country roads.

Farther afield but maybe worth a drive there are these:

Carr Valley (LaValle) makes award willing European-style cheeses.
Widmer's Cheese Cellars (Theresa) in a tiny little downtown dairy makes the classic American Brick cheese although it is probably too large to be considered artisinal.
Lovetree Farmstead Cheeses (Grantsburg) makes fantastic sheep's milk cheeses but is fairly far north.
BelGioioso (Denmark) makes fine versions of Italian cheeses including a Burrata. Again, the company may be a bit large for your taste.

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