Monday, May 07, 2007

This site just sprang up ( I do not know if it's just a web based resouce or a club. Regarldess, I'm happy for the resource and look forward to seeing what they are up to.

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Drake said...

Uh oh! So much for the "quiet launch".

Actually, thanks for the mention! is a (very) few people who have come to appreciate the many benefits of eating local including great flavor, healthy food, a connection to the land, and a fun challenge.

It's by no means a club. We need and want interested people to contribute, for example, by pointing us to their favorite products and producers via the site's wiki.

We're relative newcomers to this as well - having been sucked in by the 100 Mile Diet and the Omnivores Dilemma into trying a local Thanksgiving Dinner in 2006.

We've had a hard time finding "eat local" information in the Chicago area and decided to share as we learn via I hope you and your readers will join in the fun!