Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yes I'm Nutz

Presentation Tonight (1/15/09) - Oak Park - Local Eating in the Winter

A month or so ago, I was asked to participate in a presentation in Oak Park on winter local eating. There would be a grower, a market maker and me, the market shopper. I jumped at the opportunity like I jump at any opportunity to spread the eat local message. Then the week rolled in.

On Sunday, we sent e-mails around. It would be minus 212 degrees on Thursday. Would we want to postpone? Me, I said I would be willing to wait, but what better way to hammer home the idea of winter eating than in the winter-est of winter days. But then again I'm nutz. It turned out my fellow panelists were equally nutz, and we all voted to proceed.

I do hope there's some fellow nutzians out there who want to discuss winter eating tonight. Details below:

Green Community Center in Oak Park presents Locally Grown Foods in Winter

Thursday, Jan. 15, 7pm

New Spirit Community Church
542 S. Scoville, Oak Park

What are the obstacles to growing and buying local foods in the off-season in Chicago? What are the solutions? What can you find–and where can you find it? Presenters include Kathy Caldwell (Catalina’s Garden), who sells at farmers markets and has ventured into season-extending growing methods; Robin Schirmer, who organizes Winter Farmers Markets & Meals for Hope in the Chicago area; and Rob Gardner, who together with his family is eating as locally as possible year-round.

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sdritz said...

I hope you draw a good crowd. I've even got my husband checking labels for local now -- we were in Costco Sunday and he found some Wisconsin fingerling potatoes, some Grand Cru Gruyere cheese from Wisconsin and some dried cherries from Michigan. It was a good haul.