Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wbat's New - Cassie's Green Grocer

Liquor'd Up

It came on the txt messenger, via e-mail and through the Facebook group. Cassie's damn happy to have received her liquor license. She promises local beer and North Shore Distillery spirits, and she's looking into Michigan wines. I, of course, as always, will be full of suggestions. Go have a drink with her.

In the more mundane part of the store, Cassie received on Monday, local beets, and two types of local onions including cippolini onions. Today, she expects chard, baby greens salad mix, parsnips, turnips and lettuces. Dominicks was advertising cherries last week. Go shop where the produce is still local.

Green Grocer Chicago
1402 W. Grand
(312) 624-9508

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