Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More Beet - How Can You Eat Local All Year

Is this blog simply the repository of posts leading to the Local Beet? Dunno, but in the meantime, keep track of our latest visit to a farmer's market + our weekly CSA here. More importantly, the Local Beet has published its guide to Fall/Winter CSAs. Michael's first mission when he launched the Local Beet was to offer practical advice on eating local. In other words, he did not aim for a lofty see how we do it standard, rather he wanted us to be in it together. One of the first steps towards practical local, towards always eating local, is the ability to eat local beyond the months when farmer's markets exist. One way for people to do that is to subscribe to Fall/Winter CSAs. The Local Beet's newly published guide should help.

On the same vein, practical, eating local more, I will soon be publishing something on the Local Beet on making your harvest last. My wife and I answer the question, "how can eat local all year, in Chicago by saying we do two things. We keep food around--canned, frozen and "cellar-ed"), and we shop for local via our Spring and Fall Genesis Growers CSA, Robin's Winter markets, Irv and Shelly and Cassie's Green Grocer (as well as where ever else we find local). There is no right answer as to which is more important stored vs. buying, but I can say for sure, that which matters more depends on your individual circumstances. My hunch is that most local eaters have limited root cellars, no extra freezer and little experience canning. So, regardless of how much they learn to put-aside, sources for buying remain, well, vital. We got you covered.

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