Friday, September 05, 2008

Eat At Green Restaurants

Earlier this summer I learned about the efforts of Dean Zanella and 312 Chicago restaurant to run a zero waste kitchen. Chef Zanella suceeded so far that his cooking oil went back to fuel the tractors of the farmer's who supplied him. I knew of some other chefs who clamored to emulate Zanella. One who is now suceeding is future Iron Chef, Paul Virant of Vie. Paul graciously allowed me to re-print some news he has:
The first newsletter of the 2008, I spoke about minimizing "landfill" waste. As of Saturday August 23rd, we are doing it! Harry Carr from Mint Creek Farm picks up our food waste every Wednesday after the Green City Market. The Resource Center (which operates City Farm) picks up our recyclables (glass, plastic containers and aluminum). BFI continues to pick up our cardboard/paper (which is hopefully recycled, though I'm very skeptical). This leaves only a small amount of true trash. I was proud to be one of Food & Wine magazines "Best New Chefs" in 2007, but this accomplishment makes me prouder...If every individual, family, corporation and business would begin to, and continue to make these types of changes, the ecological health of the world will be preserved for generations to come...
I plan on being at Vie tonight. I also plan on celebrating this great news the best way I know, with a great meal.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently there is even a company called FiltaFry, that enables restaurants to reuse their oil and then they dispose of the oil after it is no longer usalbe to near by biodiesel plants.