Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kudos of the Day

Department of Expected and Unexpected

The man known far and wide as Eat Chicago has two new family members and a third on the way. Congrats to him and Petit Pois (or is that Cookie). What took you so long!

The woman whose surname dictated her career path, Cassie G, collects another honor; this one from Chicago Magazine's new Best of issue for her green entrepreneurship. Way to follow destiny.

The guy with the roving camera freelances in an unexpected spot and helps spread the fame of Chicago's best restaurant. I assume the next Sky Full of Bacon short will be on Spike TV.

I knew Marion Street Cheese would have a fine collection of local cheeses* in their new store. I learned that it was a lot more snazzy than I imagined during the whole wait for the open thing. Now, I find that this place already makes, what I believe to be the best danish in the Chicago area. I am going to have to scrounge around the vital information piggy bank and commission David the Hat Hammond to write an ode to this pastry as I do not have words to fully describe. Let me at least leave you with these words of encouragement: made with Zingerman's cream cheese.

*VITAL CORRECTION - I reported the other day that I found no BleuMont Dairy products at the newly expanded Marion Street Cheese. Well, I was WRONG. I was there yesterday and they had the bandaged cheddar.

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