Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will the Iceberg Cometh Again?

Last year, for one week in the spring, Farmer Vicki provided us iceberg lettuce in our CSA box. It was a lot of fun getting a head of iceberg. Sure, it's foodie maligned, but it tastes damn good too, especially against a heavy dressing or on certain types of sandwiches. Well maybe taste is not generally the word people associate with iceberg, it's not so much taste as fun crunch. Still, I have to add that Vicki's iceberg last year tasted as good as it crunched.

It's something you just do not see in our area farmer's markets. I was at Vicki's farm the other day, and I was asking her why no iceberg this year. She admitted that it was hard to grow, requiring cool weather, but she was also a bit interested in it as well. She followed up with this e-mail:
Rob, Our discussion on iceberg lettuce has occupied my thinking a bit since Sunday. I stated very emphatically that I won't try it ever again. But, in my mind I heard Jaysen saying, "Right, Vicki." And the reality is that as soon as I see a seed catalog with a new variety that is said to withstand our particular problems, I will try it again. In fact, I think I might try a fall crop. I am not sure I have ever tried a late fall crop. It does best in cool temps, so it might do good if I plan it right. Just a thought, but I want to thank you for prompting me to rethink a crop I do truly love. I can sit and eat a whole head like an apple. I think it is the high mineral content that I love so much. So, anyway, hears to iceberg.

I'm looking forward.

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Carlene said...

Completely off topic, but wanted to point you to the feature on Paul Virant in the July issue of Food & Wine magazine, since I know you're a fan.