Monday, May 21, 2007

The Iceberg Cometh

(pic courtesy of David Hammond)

You Should Subscribe to a CSA

Over at, there's a discussion on CSA's, prompted by the once a year inclusion in the Genesis Grower Spring box of a head of iceberg. Besides wanting to re-post Hammond's great lettuce shot (I tried one myself, against Chez Panisse Vegetables, for irony sake, but it was not even close to as good), I wanted to re-post why I think it's a good idea to subscribe to a CSA.

To quote myself:
Why the CSA? Well, I do feel some conniption about actually supporting, nay "owning" a piece of the farm. Still, it is not just an act of charity. Ownership has its benefits. First of all, as with this week's iceberg, there will be things that go into the CSA that never make it to market. We have first crack. Second, and even more important, you build a relationship with a farmer. This cuts two ways. You can go to the farm, see how the stuff is grown, see what kinda practices they use, actually understand where you food comes from. Also, you get the inside track on things. As I have blogged about, there may be the opportunity to buy some of the heard, there are the off-season CSAs, these are less available and may be sold out to non-subscribers--and off-season is the time when you really need the stuff. And, and there is off-season. Farmer Vicki does not advertise or offer to many, but there is the chance to buy from her even in the dead of winter. Finally, as an owner, you also have access to other products of the farm. Vicki offers her home canned goods (and she's a fantastic canner).
Now, I should have more on this today or soon, but with what's being reported these days about food imports and food inspections, it seems more important than ever to be a farmer (so to speak).

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