Monday, June 23, 2008


Eat Local Peas Later

As noted, peas are in the market. As noted, peas not only freeze well, they pretty much need to get chillin' if you cannot eat them within a few days of purchase. (My wife, after discovering that Hugh Fearnley–Whittingstall has pages and pages of composting in his books, has joined me in guruship-ness, and she reminds me this AM that Hugh sez that peas have a window of hours not days.) Peas take no processing to freeze. Just seal in a plastic bag. Freeze your peas and eat them later in the week. You'll thank me.

Stover's U Pick is a Michigan farm with stands at many Chicago area farmer's markets. They are also a Michigan farm in possession of a pea shucking machine. Two and two together, they provide not too expensive, easy to deal with, peas, a real seasonal treat. Get movin' and freeze.

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