Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Vie News

Yes, there's a new menu online, been online for days now. Yes, it'll make you hungry for spring with roasted Klug farm asparagus, Spence farm garlic mustard and ramps, cream of stinging nettle soup and lovage and sorrel playing their herbal tune. That's not my Vie news.


Here's the news. The Chicago area's ablest pickler and restauranter most committed to local (at least until I know the Mado people) has also caught the eye of a certain Chairman Kaga or whatever his nephew is named. Hopefully the secret ingredient will be morels. Keep here for more updates.


mado said...

I agree, Paul is awesome.

p.s. my name is Rob Levitt, and my wife and I own mado. We look forward to meeting you. Please stop in and see us soon.

VI said...

Rob, thanks for stopping by. I've been following your place and the approach you and your wife are taking. Very impressive. I plan on being in soon.