Thursday, May 08, 2008

Get Your Farmer's Markets

Today's Market

This is about the time of year that various publications present their farmer's markets guides. The Chicago Reader scooped the industry with their guide last week. It's not a bad one, being both info packed and a bit subjective. Still, they miss the first market I know.

Today, in Western Springs, you can stop by to congratulate potential Iron Chef, Paul Virant, and you can hit the French Market at the intersection Hillgrove and Wolf. The market, unlike many markets around here, runs in the afternoon, 2-7 PM.

Some may disparage these markets with their mix of crafts and olive (!). Me, I like any farmer's market. Maybe because they're "French", these markets often feature the nuns from the Fraternite of Notre Dame from the West side of Chicago. These nuns bake up some classic style French pastries. The French Markets also often have guys who will amalgamate a collection of Amish goods, get a pie baked with lard; most of the more "real" farmers markets will not have these types of stands as they only allow farmers to sell their own goods. I highly doubt their will be much in the way of seasonal produce at this market. Nearby Vie may have ramps on its menu, but I do not believe their will be at this market, nor will morels another Virant favorite. Still, for all anxious to get to a market, here's your chance.

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