Friday, May 09, 2008


A Big Head of Lettuce, a Small Head of Bok Choi, It's Nice Getting New Crops to Eat

Last night's dinner made good use of what Spring brings. I thinly sliced about five scallion stalks and sweated them in a mix of butter and olive oil (medium heat). I roughly chopped the leaves and stalks from three beets, added them to the pan. Cracking nine farm eggs, whisking them (with a bit of added olive oil), was enough time for the beet greens to cook. I started the scramble on low heat and then turned the stove to medium high after the curds formed, about five minutes. Then, its a diligent swirl, swirl, swirl, getting the cooked edges to the center. Just before the eggs were finished, and I scramble soft, I shredded a good bit of Wisconsin Fontina style cheese over.

On to the inventory. (Last inventory here)

Herbs - Cilantro

Keeper onions - 3 small ones from our CSA box this week, so we are just fine here.

Scallions (a/k/a green onions; a/k/a spring onions) - None this week, but we have plenty still.

Garlic - Garlic holding out. I love congratulating myself for buying enough garlic to last.

Cabbage - Red head still there!

Carrots - Enough that they can go in the kidz lunches again

Parsnips - The problem with all the parsnips we have, it's like the squash and the cabbage, they seem so winter.

Potatoes - Have not touched them in a week or so, but there's still some,

Apples - Picked up some red delicious and golden delicious for lunches at Caputo's

Lettuce - Big head of leaf lettuce

Burdock root - 1 lb - No change

Beets - We are quite long on beets, about 20

Kale - We were saving one from a previous CSA box; this week we got two big bunches. Now we actually have enough for a decent portion.

Misc - One small one regular head of bok choi

Radishes - A...bunch

Local Pantry - Cheeses (actually low on cheese), yogurt, eggs, noodles, pork, beef, lamb, bacon, granola, grains, milk

We're heading to Madison today for morels, nettles, ramps, herbs. I imagine next week's inventory will be a bit larger.

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