Wednesday, April 23, 2008

That Annoying Whole Foods - River Forest, IL

Someone's Listening

From the ol' counter, I know some folks over at Whole Foods, Austin are reading this blog. Who, what department, even why, I cannot tell, but they're listening. The ISP tells all (of course, hopefully, all my Whole Food spies won't go switching to their AOL accounts to visit this site). They listen. The manager at the Whole Foods, River Forest, that's another story.

For the poop, I turn to special Vital Information special correspondent, my Wife. She (and I) were at Whole Foods, River Forest last night. She found that once again, the Passover display at this Whole Foods featured the very flour-supported baked good, hamentashen, and not just any hamantashen, but two different types/supplies of hamentashen.

Here's what she reports:

What story.

I pointed it out to the manager. He did not care. He did point to me that the product [the hamentashen] was kosher.

Can you share any details?
I don't know what details there are. What can I say?
OK, that's special Vital Information correspondent, my Wife.

Got that Whole Foods.

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