Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eat Local For the Earth

The Inevitable Earth Day Thing I Did Not Get Around To

The Eat Well people launched a blog (Green Fork Blog) on Earth Day. They press release:
Happy Earth Day!

This year, Eat Well is celebrating Earth Day with the launch of our newest venture, the Green Fork Blog. The Green Fork is the official blog of the Eat Well Guide, your resource for finding thousands of farms, grocery stores, restaurants and other "green" food outlets throughout the US and Canada. Our new and expanded listings now include produce farms, farmers markets and vegan restaurants, as well as water-conscious ratings that let you know which of your local restaurants are helping to "take back the tap". If it's been awhile, come back for a visit, and see what's new. The Eat Well team is currently at work on new cutting edge features that will make it easier than ever to eat greener, including an interactive mapping and travel feature due later this summer.

On the menu at the Green Fork Blog:

food and farming news
farm tours and seasonal food information
interviews with food activists and leaders of the sustainable food movement
book reviews
food for thought
We started off Earth Day with a list of 20 ways to green your fork--click here to check it out and learn delicious ways to tread lightly while eating well! As Earth Day reminds us, one of the most vital things people can do for the environment is to change what they eat--to more locally-grown, sustainably-produced food.

Leslie Hatfield, who you may remember from The Daily Table at Sustainable Table, is our primary blogger and editor, but the whole team will be chiming in often, and we're hoping to pass along lots of stories about how people are providing and promoting sustainable food. We want the Green Fork to be a robust, busy blog, with lots of voices so don't be shy--email us at to share or suggest a story.

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Erin said...

Thanks for mentioning the Green Fork! Check out the new and improved Eat Well Guide site where you can sign up to stay updated, search for local events, or download widgets for your blog ( Stay tuned for the launch of our travel tool, an interactive feature that will allow users to map out their route and find local, sustainable food along the way.