Monday, March 24, 2008

Da' Inventory

Spring Has Not Sprung

Updates from the last inventory are marked in italics.

Cranberries - two packages, amazingly these seem to be holding out. What they are for, I have no idea. - No change

Celery - Farmer Vicki gifted us with a brand new, simply enormous head of celery. It looks like those vegetables that grow in Alaska. We plan on freezing and drying much. - No change

Herbs - rosemary, thyme, basil, cilantro - In addition, now have mint and even more basil

Winter squash - Our pace right now is: toss one about every two weeks; that still leaves about five. Like the cranberries, we are gonna have to find a use soon. - No change

Keeper onions - we are very good on onions. We added about ten the other day from Farmer Vicki. - While we make great use of onions in our cooking, we are fine on stocks

Sweet potatoes - I thought we were low here, but found a stash. These are mostly holding up well. Some have been used in my wife's famous sweet potato kugel. - No change

Garlic - like onions, we are holding fine and should have enough garlic to last us through until the new crop. - See onions above

Cabbage - I finally tossed the ugly head of white that has been in the basement fridge, but we still have a head of red. - No change

Sunchokes - 2 lbs - Our emergency food - No change

Carrots - We were running out, but I got about five pounds a few weeks ago at the Geneva Winter Market. - Have used about 25% of current stock, should be enough to last until newest harvests soon.

Parsnips -We have used some, but parsnips like the sweet potatoes keep magically re-appearing - No change

Potatoes - Dwindling but fine. All of the bigger russets have been baked, but there's still a good amount of odds and end sized; the 1o lb bag of reds is hardly touched and the heirloom types are partially there. - Using, but also obtained some (5 lbs of pinks--also, we'll be able to add from Robin's forthcoming Winter Market this Sunday)

Apples - These are about gone. We have about five yellow delicious. The rest were dedicated to baking, Granny Smiths, Rome and a bag of seconds. We might need to dip into the Granny Smith's for kidz lunches. - All of our yellow delicious are gone; obtained a five lb bag of Michigan red delicious from Costco, noted but did not buy Michigan yellow delicious at Fresh Farms market on Devon (da'bomb)

Lettuce - Alaska sized head of leaf lettuce from Vicki - Gone through about 1/2 of that lettuce, obtained a bag of mixed lettuce

Microgreens/Sprouts - When I went foraging with Robin, I got a big container of peashoots in Elburn. We have been working our way through them since. - We have this up the wazoo. Using but but getting new

Mushrooms - No current crop of mushrooms - Obtained one lb of shitake and one lb of oyster

Celery root - 2 lbs - no change - No change

Burdock root - 1 lb - No change

Additions since March 17, 2008
Wild watercress

Local Pantry
Cheeses, yogurt, eggs, noodles, pork, beef, lamb, bacon, granola, grains, milk, cream

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