Friday, September 08, 2006

The New Black

Does this background make the photo's look better?

Note, a few other things. I have no idea why the links/archive part of the blog is WAY down there. When I figure that out, maybe I'll update the links! Also, it appears in the update that I have ditched the Haloscan code somewhere. Instead of trying to fix that, I'm just gonna use the Google comments--not that I get so many comments. But any comments or help on the redesign are appreciated.


Michael said...

Black looks good for the photos, but it looks terrible for the text. I have trouble reading it for very long; it's like looking into headlights.

A framer taught me this years ago, but gray actually sets photos off beautifully. You could have a gray background, black text, and photos that look great in context. It's relatively easy to change the colors in a blogger template, let me know if you want to change them sometime and I'll help.

Mike G

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mike. The black background makes it very hard to read the text, especially the hedlines and the info at the end. I really had to strain to make sure things were being posted by VI -- some of the content didn't seem like your usual subject matter. :)