Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Round Steak?

So, yesterday I went to the basement freezer for some meat. How could we stay a locavore family if my wife was grumbling about Kuma's. I'd make burgers to keep her. The 1/2 frozen state of the meat at dinner time, however, led to my version of keema instead of burgers with my secret sauce. But that's neither here nor there for the question at hand. As the supply of Bessie dwindles, we are left with the odds and ends, especially the round steaks. I found three packages of round steak on my way to ground beef yesterday. What does one do with round steak.

It's not that I keep kosher, nor have I had any trouble finding uses for the sirloin or other cuts from that end of the cow, but the round steak, for whatever reasons, seems like an especially foreign cut to me, goyish to me, or at least rural to me [ed. which is a more PC way to say it?].

Advice on the round steak much appreciated. NB: these are round steaks, not roasts or anything else.


Matth: said...

No idea what to do with it, but "goy" is funnier and probably more PC than rural.

Jen said...

Yeah, I often have this problem too. That is why I usually leave them as roast. However, I have heard that you can tenderize them and fry/broil quick and they are kind of like a breakfast steak. Otherwise I am sure you can cut them up and do some sort of slow cooker thing.