Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Now You've Done It - The Scary Parts

Sky Full of Bacon 06: There Will Be Pork (Pt. 2)

Well, this is the video we have all been waiting for. MikeG takes us deep into the heart of darkness to (almost) witness the critical act between farm and table. What we do not see, we feel through the thoughtful words of Lula's Jason Hammel (who also provides an interesting twist on the celery of all things).

I think it is good and important to have seen your food in its natural state. I certainly got to see my cow on the prairie before she became my gobs and gobs of kefta. I'm not as certain it is necessary to witness the slaughter or as Jason says, take the next step at DO the slaughter. Still, I think it is good and important to see the process, as we can, through the lens of Sky Full of Bacon. A real service to all.

In tribute to the woman who is the master of the re-cap, go read Helen's comment's on Mike's There Will be Pork Part 1. and the resulting dinner.

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