Thursday, November 20, 2008

Deep Thought

Opening a new jar of "good" peanut butter is not nearly as much fun as that first stab of Jiffy.


Matth: said...

I always find it so much more satisfying. When I open Jiffy, there's a momentary jolt of pre-processed food excitement, but it quickly dissipates. When I open a jar of good peanut butter (and the best is East Wind), it's more of a carnal excitement, all-embracing, and it doesn't go away. A jar of Jiffy could probably last me two or three months, but I just went through a jar of organic peanut butter in about three days (along with an entire loaf of bread) on my own.

VI said...

Matth, thanks for stopping by. We share not just urges in peanutbutter surface tension but in quality 'butter. I actuily have an empty jar of East Wind peanutbutter on my desk with the idea that one day I will blog about it.