Monday, September 15, 2008

Non-local Local Event

I post this because I know a few people from Ann Arbor read this blog, a few people might be willing to travel to Ann Arbor, and 'cause I love the La Quercia stuff. This Thursday at Zingerman's:

The King of Cure
INCREDIBLY SPECIAL VISITORS — Herb and Kathy Eckhouse from La Quercia
Thursday, September 18th, 7-9pm, Upstairs Next Door
Call 663-3400 to sign up. $20 in advance. $25 at the door
How do you go from working for a seed company to becoming the foremost artisan producer of cured pork products in the nation? Come to this tasting and ask Herb Eckhouse yourself. While he is telling you his story, you can taste his fantastic cured meats and learn about how they are made. And hear about the 50 hogs they finished on acorns last winter. This is a tasting you don't want to miss.

Like most foodies who have visited Ann Arbor, I would say that Zingerman's is about the best food store in the USA. I will also say that Ari and his gang are both dedicated locavores and supreme Internationalists (what exactly is the opposite of a locavore?). On one hand, Zingerman's understands the inherent goodness of local foods. The Roadhouse features local growers for their produce. On the other hand, Zingerman's is all about bringing in food from around the world. Local is not the domain here. Still, a Midwesterner can be well served to keep his or her blinders secure. Amongst the things this locavore brings home from Zingermans:
  • Any of their breads
  • Any of their house made cheeses, especially the cream cheese and fresh mozz'
  • The aforementioned Iowa Quercia ham
  • The made in Grand Rapids Michigan Cream-Nut peanut butter

I wish I could spare a Thursday this Thursday.

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