Sunday, September 14, 2008

Follow the Beat

Proving I can waste time like the best of 'em, I've been trying to blog regularly here and on the Local Beet. We are building content and history on the Beet even though it is far from it's official launch. Michael and I and new Mom, Cookie and a few other have been working behind the scenes to build an outstanding resource for those who want to eat Practically Local. We want to first lead by example. Second, we want to share our experiences and the expertise we have learned in eating local in the Chicago area, especially eating local all the time not just for a period [ed., too chicken to say Challenge?]. Third, we want to assist by having key data there for you. Keep up with the Beet.

In addition to the libraries and files we are compiling, we are about the launch an improved look to the site. Keep your eyes open for that.

In coming weeks there will be more features, including multi-media. As I have promised already, we will soon publish on keeping and preserving your seasonal bounty.

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